Female Empowerment, Human Rights and Support for Civil Society

The global COVID 19 emergency has exacerbated gender-based violence in the country. A strategic partner in this sector is UN WOMEN, with whom AICS has established a solid collaboration: since 2019 the AICS headquarters in Nairobi has invested in the sector through a loan to this agency with the "Let It Not Happen Again" initiative, to improve access to justice for victims of gender-based violence, in particular for women survivors of violence during electoral periods. AICS Nairobi intends also to integrate specific and transversal interventions for the reduction of gender-based violence in the medium term, as early as 2022. The '' Let it not happen again '' initiative is is currently in its third phase, in which action is taken alongside local institutions (police, judiciary and health services) to strengthen the response against gender-based violence and to support awareness-raising, support and promotion of rights.

During 2021, a complementary initiative was also approved, carried out with UNDP, UNWOMEN and OHCHR: this is an election basket fund that intends to contribute to improving democratic governance in Kenya in view of the general elections scheduled for August 2022.