bilateral cooperation

The work of the Italian cooperation in Tanzania is focused on three important bilateral initiatives: one in favor of the enhancement of technical-professional higher education (AID 11385), another in favor of the improvement of the National Statistical System and in support of the creation of the register of population (AID 11433) and the Tanzania component of a regional project aimed at strengthening local health networks (AID 12519).

The initiative 'Enhancement of technical-professional higher education in Tanzania to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals' (AID 11385) represents an aid credit worth € 19,790,400 for five years and includes a donation component for the technical assistance provided by AICS also thanks to the support of the office based in Dar Es Salaam. The goal is to contribute to the reduction of poverty, the strengthening of human capital and the sustainable growth of Tanzania through the strengthening of the higher institutes of science and technology and promoting their connection with the world of work and technological innovation.

The project 'Improvement of the National Statistical System and support for the creation of the Population Register' (AID 11433) with a total funding of € 994.121 intends, on the other hand, to strengthen the institutional and technical capacities of the public bodies responsible for data collection and population registration. , or the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA).

In the health sector, AICS supports the project "Creation of a health network in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda" (AID 12519). The global COVID 19 emergency has highlighted the weakness of the health systems in the country and therefore the importance of developing a specific medium-term action to strengthen them. Starting from the good practice of Neema Hospital, a strategic partner in the health sector in Kenya for many years (the first AICS funding dates back to 2009), the project idea to enhance all the other Italian excellence operating in the health sector matured in 2021. . The Agency's action was therefore oriented towards supporting a network of public and private health facilities recognized by the national health system: following the signing of the framework agreement between AICS and the Meyer hospital in Florence, in mid-2021 it was an intense collaboration began involving the three ministries of health of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to begin discussing the idea of ​​a joint health program between the three main countries belonging to the East African Community.