access to basic services

The historical line of intervention of the Italian Cooperation in this area stems from a cross-sectorial approach to ensure access to basic services for the vulnerable segments of population in Kenya. Over the years, interventions in favor of better access to water, education and health services have been essential.

These are some of the initiatives supported by the Agency:

Creation of a health network in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Building on the good practice developed with the Neema Hospital, a strategic partner in the health sector in Kenya for many years (the first AICS funding dates back to 2009), the Italian Cooperation developed the idea of partnering with other excellence operating in the healthcare area. The initiative focuses on creating a network of public and private structures recognized by the national health systems: following the signing of the framework agreement between AICS and the Meyer Hospital in Florence, an intense collaboration began in mid-2021 involving the three Ministries of Health of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and the Center for Global Health of the Tuscany Region. The initiative supports the improvement of maternal and child health services in the three target countries.

Malindi Integrated Social Health Development Programme (MISHDP II): this initiative is realized through a loan and was initiated by the Kenyan Coast Development Authority, which, recognizing the results achieved during the first phase, sought to replicate and extend the initiative to reach a larger number of beneficiaries. The objective of the second phase is to accelerate the socio-economic development of the Malindi and Magarini provinces (Kilifi County) through interventions in the education, health, and infrastructure sectors.