AICS and the Global Health Center of the Tuscany Region launch the regional program for the creation of a health network in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

Nairobi, 29th June 2022 – This morning, the agreement between the Nairobi regional office of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and the Global Health Center of the Meyer University Hospital has been signed. The Center is the hub for international health cooperation initiatives of Tuscany Region, Italy. The program is worth an investment of 5.5 million Euros in total, and it aims to develop a regional health network in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to improve the quality and access to health services for women and children. The initiative plans to intervene on over 30 health facilities, covering a total population of about 6.2 million people in the three countries.

The agreement was signed by the Head of AICS office in Nairobi, Mr. Giovanni Grandi, and the Director of the Global Health Center, Ms. Maria José Caldés Pinilla. The program is funded by the Italian Cooperation, and the Global Health Center is the technical and scientific coordinator also in charge of monitoring and evaluation activities over expected results.

The initiative will be realized in partnership with the Ministries of Health of the three countries and aims to strengthen south-south and north-south collaboration through the exchange of good practices, knowledge sharing activities, data collection and performance evaluation. In addition, the project will intervene with infrastructural interventions and supply of medical equipment aimed at enhancing health centers functioning and the management of obstetric-neonatal emergencies. Finally, technical assistance and training activities at national and regional levels will be realized.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how global challenges cannot be faced with local responses, and how health is key for human development. The Italian Cooperation promptly responded to this need by implementing a program targeting the most vulnerable sections of the population in the three countries, and in particular women and children.

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