TANZANIA – Italy delivers IT equipment to support the Tanzania’s statistical system

Dadoma, 01.02.2023. Today, at the presence of the Ambassador of Italy in Tanzania, H.E. Marco Lombardi, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (Aics)  has delivered to the government of Tanzania some IT equipment, which was foreseen under the Aics-funded initiative named "Improvement of the National Statistical System and support for the creation of the Population Register".

The initiative, managed by the regional office of Aics headquartered in Nairobi aims to contribute to the strengthening of the Tanzanian national statistical system and the population register in two regions of the country, helping to build the information base necessary to govern the socio-economic development processes, to consolidate democratic institutions and to facilitate the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes. In particular, the purchase of equipment, goods and services was managed directly by Aics Nairobi through the its country representative stationed in Dar el Salaam Paolo Razzini and is aimed at expanding services for the population register, training of the staff of the district offices of the two selected regions, raising awareness of the population on the importance of recording vital statistics.

The event was also reported by Giornale Diplomatico. The article is available here.


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