Kenya – Signed the agreements for the implementation of a 4.6-million euros integrated social and health program in Malindi

Nairobi (Kenya), 26 January 2022 – Italy and Kenya signed today, at the National Treasury building, the agreements to fund and implement the “Malindi Integrated Social-Health Development Programme – Phase II” (MISHDP II). The ceremony was held at the presence of the Cabinet Secretary of the National Treasury Amb. Ukur Yatani, the Italian Ambassador to Kenya Amb. Alberto Pieri, and the Head of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – Nairobi Office – Mr. Fabio Melloni.

The initiative follows a first phase of an integrated socio-health development programme funded by Italy through a 2.6-million-euro grant, and implemented by the Coastal Development Authority of Kenya (CDA) between 2006 and 2012. This first phase saw the implementation of basic infrastructure in health, education and marine sectors.

The phase two will be funded through a 6.4-million-euro soft loan and will aim to improve the living conditions for the population within Malindi and Magarini sub-counties, through a series of projects contributing to socio-economic development; such will include education, health, potable water and transportation network. Specifically, it will foresee the following activities and works: construction of a 11.5km tarmac road, in Ngomeni Peninsula, Kilifi County, a pedestrian bridge across river Sabaki, a water supply system, school facilities and supply and installation of equipment for schools and health facilities. The implementation will be undertaken by the CDA, which also undertook the implementation of the first phase.

By delivering public infrastructures, health and educational projects, this initiative will align itself to the Kenya Vision 2030 and have positive impacts to the citizens and areas of Ngomeni Peninsula, Malindi and Magarini sub-counties.


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