civil society

Many Italian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have been working for over 30 years in a spirit of solidarity and partnership in Kenya, successfully participating to the calls launched by AICS Rome. Many of the CSOs are gathered in COIKE, the coordination and representation body of the Italian CSOs working in Kenya. The projects currently underway are:

  1. Cultivating the future. Models of eco-sustainable agricultural supply chains for the arid areas of Kenya. This project, managed by the ACLI Peace Development and Innovation Institute (IPSIA), aims to increase agricultural production and the profitability of the business ventures of agro-pastoral groups in Laikipia County, one of the arid areas of northern Kenya. The main actions concern the training and provision of equipment for agriculture, support for water access for four villages, support for products that suitable for arid climates (honey, aloe, opuntia), and strengthening the tourism sector. All actions enhance environmentally friendly methodologies and have a positive impact in contrasting desertification.

  2. Agreocological Models of Sustainable Production in the ASALs of Kenya (MAPSAK). The initiative, under the direction of Action Aid, intervenes in 10 communities in Isiolo County with the aim of strengthening resilience to climate and market shocks in the arid and semi-arid areas of northern Kenya. The goal is to enhance food security of rural communities. The initiative expects to achieve three important results: the diversification of the livelihoods of agro-shepherds; improvement in the management of natural resources; the strengthening of collaboration between agro-pastoralist communities and government authorities on rural development issues.

  3. Agrichange: Small businesses, big opportunities. Development of agro-food supply chains in the Molo River basin. The action, promoted by Mani Tese, aims to develop the micro-entrepreneurial fabric in the Molo river basin through the promotion of eco-sustainable, circular, replicable and low-cost activities, which favor innovative initiatives in the pig and honey supply chains. The planned activities include the construction of a pig breeding center, the installation of a biogas plant, the introduction of a mandatory quality protocol on the treatment and welfare of animals, the creation of production centers and honey processing and a competition of ideas for the financing of 25 innovative entrepreneurial activities.

  4. You'll never walk alone. Community-based rehabilitation program for children with disabilities in Nairobi slums. Managed by L'Africa Chiama Onlus, the initiative intervenes to improve the conditions of children with disabilities in informal settlements on the outskirts of Nairobi. Based on the concept of community-based rehabilitation, action is taken on the one hand to guarantee people with disabilities the enhancement of their skills and access to services, and on the other to activate the community to remove those physical, mental and social barriers that exclude people with disabilities to a full and dignified life.

  5. Safe Communities for safe Children and Adolescents: protection and assistance for children and adolescents in the communities of Kakamega and Nakuru (Kenya). This initiative managed by CISP intervenes to strengthen the protection system for children and adolescents to prevent and respond to violence, abuse, exploitation and to combat cultural practices that are harmful to minors. The goal will be achieved through a series of activities that include the institution of Child Rights Club in primary schools, the installation of Talk Box in schools, technical assistance to the Department of Services for Minors and capacity building of authorities and service providers active in the child protection system.

In addition, three projects promoted by as many CSOs were launched in 2022 in the fields of child protection, the blue economy and vocational training for the educational and professional inclusion of vulnerable and disabled young people. The initiatives are:

  1. RISE: Strengthening Inclusion, Health and Education to support minors and young people who are vulnerable and in conflict with the law. (The Tree of Life Foundation Onlus - FADV)

  2. ECOS - Blue Economy and Coastal Ecosystem - Opportunities for sustainable development. (Center for Appropriate Technological Development - CAST)

  3. InJob! Paths of educational and work inclusion for young vulnerable students of public vocational training institutes (No One Out)