Tanzania – closing event and handover ceremony of the KISIMA initiative, funded by Aics

Last week the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (Aics) together with the main implementing partner, Italian NGO Istituto OIKOS, local authorities and partners celebrated the conclusion of the 3-year “KISIMA” initiative, funded by the Italian Cooperation through the Promossi OSC channel and managed by Aics Ufficio VII.

KISIMA, which means ‘wellspring’ in Kiswhahili language, focused on the sustainable provision of water supply to the communities of Manyara Region (northern Tanzania), to improve their resilience against the negative effects of environmental degradation and climate change.

Indicators of access to water and sanitation in Manyara Region remain among the lowest in the country. Specifically, the Kiteto and Simanjiro districts, where the initiative was implemented, have been identified among the most vulnerable with only 38% and 41% of inhabitants having access to improved water systems in 2018.

Among the main results, the initiative has established the first Laboratory for Water Quality Analysis of Manyara Region and fostered the introduction of renewable energy-based solutions for local water distribution (replacing fossil-fuels powered generators), enhancing climate resilience of nine local water systems. In addition, the initiative featured to the installation of 56 public water services points. The project also contributed to the financial sustainably of government agencies entrusted to the local management of water services, by attracting additional funds and incentives generated through the project.

As stated by Mr. Paolo Razzini, team leader of AICS based in Tanzania, ‘’Water and Sanitation is a key priority sector of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. The project is an example of Italy’s friendship with Tanzania and its longstanding commitment of Aics to help the people in need and to leave no one behind.’’

On his side, Manyara Regional Commissioner H.E. Charles Makongoro Nyerere expressed strong satisfaction for the great results achieved by the initiative.

The conclusion of the initiative was celebrated also through the official handing over of one of the nine solar-powered pumping systems built through the project. National newspapers and television highlighted the great impacts of KISIMA on rural communities of northern Tanzania.

Photos – Istituto Oikos/Fulvio Michelazzi


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