Sostegno al settore privato

The Italian Cooperation promotes opportunities for for-profit cooperation through the selection of innovative entrepreneurial initiatives to be admitted for financing and co-financing and to be implemented in cooperation partner countries.

Support for the employment, birth and expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises represents a fundamental element for AICS, an element that intersects with the other sectors of intervention in the country. Agricultural projects, for example, have at their center the introduction of sustainable cultivation practices to increase production and income for farmers, environmental projects, commitment to the fishing industry, and various other actions where the support for employment and income represents the qualifying element, are the numerous examples of this approach.

At the heart of this general strategy for employment and income is the initiative "Business incubator and energy innovation in Kenya". The initiative is divided into two essential components: the first focuses on professional training and renewable energy in collaboration with the St. Kizito vocational training institute, and the second concerns the incubator and business accelerator that it wants to represent. a center of excellence in the country. The focus of the intervention is based on the identification of sectors with the potential to create inclusive and sustainable jobs and which are in line with national growth strategies and plans. The major partners in this sector are the Catholic University of Milan and its E4Impact Foundation, AVSI, the Res4Africa Foundation, Eni and UNIDO.